Die Verschollenen / Os Desaparecidos (The lost)

A theatrical creation based on Franz Kafkas „the lost“ (America)

This theatrical creation is a Co-production between O-Team, Companhia de Teatro de Braga and Pathos München. It was developed in two phases in Portugal and Germany with a Portuguese-Mozambican-Ukrainian-German cast. The story of the anti-hero Karl Roßmann is mixed with theatrical and biographical material from the international artists’ team. Everyday life, artistic creativity and the end-time visions of an author collide. The resulting (artistic) crisis becomes an all-consuming black hole in the center of the stage.

“Being displaced means losing reality. This process has structural consequences in all areas. It is not only the material things (the stuff of culture) which have changed revolutionarily, but also the ideal goods (values, models, goals) have become unrecognizable.” Vilem Flusser

Rogerio Boane, Frederico Bustorff, Folkert Dücker, Angelika Fink,
Andrej Kritenko, Solange Sà

Samuel Hof (direction) Katja Kettner (dramaturgy, production) Nina Malotta (set) Tine Elbel (production) Nils Meisel (music) Pedro W. Pinto (sound/video) Madlen Wüst-Pinto/Antonia Beermann (assistant director) Markus Niessner (graphic)

Oct 2014, Rodeo Festival Munich
Nov 2014, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart / Teatro Circo, Braga / Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Almada (Portugal)
Jan 2016 Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
Feb 2016 Teatro Circo, Braga / Teatro Gil Vicente, Coimbra / Teatro Garcia Resende, Evora /
Teatro Gil Vicente, Barcelos and Evora, Coimbra, Barcelos (Portugal)
May 2016 Theatre in the Park, Harare, International Festival of Arts (Zimbabwe)

A coproduction of O-Team with the Pathos München and the Companhia de Teatro de Braga

Funded by the fund Doppelpass of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, the City of Stuttgart and the Landesverband Freier Theater Baden-Württemberg e.V .; from funds of the Spielstättenförderung des Pathos Munich, the Bezirk Oberbayern, as well as Governo de Portugal, Secretario de Estado da Cultura, Direcção-Geral the Artes, Câmara Municipal de Braga.