O-Team has been active since 2007 and has gradually developed into a professional performance and theater company. The core team consists of the artistic directors Nina Malotta and Samuel Hof. Other permanent members of the team include production manager Lisa Ticar, dramaturge Antonia Beermann and graphic designer Markus Niessner. O-Team collaborates regularly, in particular with the puppeteer Antje Töpfer and the actor Folkert Dücker. O-Team is based in the Stuttgarter Wagenhalle art association and cooperates closely with the Stuttgart theaters Rampe and FITZ. So far, over 30 projects have been created, which have also been presented at guest performances and festivals at home and abroad.

O-Team often works with interdisciplinary casts in exuberant, pictorial formats that are both sensual and intellectual. The projects range between the areas of performance, figure and object theater, visual theater or immersive formats. Aesthetically, they are characterized by elaborately designed objects and/or stage spaces as well as clear conceptual settings. The independent theater group develops scenic states of emergency and theatrical rituals that challenge the audience. The form of the projects develops from the focus on content and in engagement with the chosen physical material. Sometimes science fiction sets meet Greek temples on stage, sometimes sex robots meet actors. Sometimes a car crashes into a toilet in a public space, sometimes there is a whole night of performances for sleeping people.