An audiowalk into past futures

With TRANSIT, O-Team walked straight ahead to the myths of our time. Together with the Bulgarian author Alexander Manuiloff, the theater group examined capitalist salvation narratives of freedom, growth and self-realization in a fairytale Audiowalk. The spectators were invited to explore the cultural reserve of the Kunstverein Wagenhalle on an acoustic-psychedelic trip.
The fictitious Institute for Animism and Futurology invites the audience to Walk through the Containercity of the major construction project Stuttgart 21. Modern audio frequency locators allow participants to receive animistic vibrations and voices throughout the area. The bodies of the participants act as a hybrid of host body and organic receiving device. Everything alive and technical is dynamically interconnected.
The tour will receive the voice of a time traveler from the future and a storyteller from the past. Both of them take a look at the questionable present in 2018. Fairytale realities and past events compete with each other for the sovereignty of being Here and Now. The area becomes the actual actor of the Audiowalk. In view of huge concrete mixing machines and oversized tunnel drills, are we looking forward to a fully capitalized future? Or does the wildly grown Containercity of the resident artists succeed in establishing a utopian counter-design in the long term? And what the hell are these guinea pigs doing here?

By and with O-Team:
Antonia Beermann, Folkert Dücker, Samuel Hof, Nina Malotta,
Alexander Manuiloff, Pedro Pinto

Produktion: schæfer&sœhne

Audiowalk through the Building Site of Stuttgart 21 and the area of Kunstverein Wagenhalle

Sept 2018 and April 2019 Festival “6 Tage frei”

Transit is a production by O-Team in cooperation with Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.
Transit is the first part of the Independent Institute for Animism and Technology. Funded by the City of Stuttgart and Landesverband freier Tanz- und Theaterschaffender Baden-Württemberg e.V. with the budget of the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts in Baden-Württemberg.