Night Piece N°X

an overnight stay with O-Team

Spending a night together can be something special: staying with a friend as a child, “going through the night” for the first time as a teenager, the sunrise afterwards, being stuck together at an airport. In contrast to the productive day, the night stands for the other – intangible, uncanny and emotional.

The Night Piece is a performance that begins later in the evening and ends in the morning with breakfast together. There is a lounger available for each guest. If guests fall asleep for a while, the performance will continue in their dreams. The room is designed as a walk-in art installation that can also be visited during the day as an exhibition. It resembles a large dormitory.

The experimental format combines elements of object theatre, ritual, concert and art installation. The core of the performance is the conscious experience of a night spent together. The Night Piece is more like a format than a fixed production, can be adapted to local conditions and circumstances in guest performances in consecutive numbering as Night Piece NoX and thus continues to mutate.

O-Team invites you to come to rest together, to doze, dream and sleepwalk, to be unproductive and doze off. In search of a tiredness that might end up making us more receptive, more permeable, more sensitive. The installation can be visited on other dates in a slightly different form as an exhibition in order to immerse oneself in the collected materials on the themes of night, sleep, dreams and rituals.

Night Piece N°1:
February / March  2023

Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V. / Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

Night Piece N°2:
December  2023

Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V. / Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

artistic direction/ conception: Nina Malotta, Samuel Hof

performance/installation: Nina Malotta, Samuel Hof, Marius Alsleben, Martina Wegener, Frederic Ehlers
live-music: Moritz Finkbeiner
dramaturgie: Antonia Beermann
production manager: Lisa Ticar
PR & ÖA: Kathrin Stärk
grafic design: Markus Niessner

Night Piece N°1+2 is a production from O-Team in cooperation with Theater Rampe and Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.

Night Piece N°1 is sponsored by the city of Stuttgart and the federal association of independent dance- and theatre-makers Baden-Württemberg from funds of the ministry of science, research and arts Baden- Württemberg.