As commonly known, the world is set to end in 2012. Now the question is how this will happen. And what does „world“ mean in relation to this ending? Will everything be gone away? And then, how do we feel?
The setting: A gym. A basketball basket. Only one. That makes the difference. In the gym 40 body bags. 40 dead persons. 27 men, 9 women, 4 children. The three types of human life are not compatible. Did the producer mean this. They talk about the producer many times, these two scouts, who are obviously searching for the answers to a lot of outstanding issues, concerning the time before the disaster, concerning humankind itself, it´s rules and it´s principles of living. „In here you are thankful for everything“. A female motorcyclist is entering the dreary burying place. Is she able to bring some light into the dark? Maria Magdalena. Between the 39 body bags they re-enact the tradition of Christ´s burial. Nothing makes sense. And everything.
The whole thing is based on absurdity. On how is dealt with expectations, played with rituals. And rituals are everywhere. Especially where the unexplainable calls for belief. This cosmos unfolds beyond our logic of space and time. This is the “ultimate reality”. This is after time.
After “Bienen” (bees) O-Team continues to work on the subject of the end of the world. While “bees”, is set on the eve of December 21, so to speak near the end of our world, “Ich bedanke mich für alles” (I am grateful for everything) is set on 22.12.2012 and embarks on a research towards afterlife.

Premiere: Oktober 2012, Theaterhaus Jena

a production of O-Team with Theaterhaus Jena. In cooperation with Theaer Rampe, Stuttgart
invited to Festival Radikal Jung

with Folkert Dücker, Ella Gaiser, Benjamin Mährlein und Mathias Znidarec
Text: Prem Kavi, Alexej Schipenko, und Anna Langhoff
, direction: Samuel Hof, 
dramaturgy: Simon Meienreis & Jonas Zipf
, stage/costumes: Nina Malotta
, sound and video design: Pedro Pinto

Theaterhaus Jena
Theater Rampe
Presse “Ich bedanke mich für alles”