Magical Mystery Tour

research tour in the urban space.

»Munich is not a town, but a situation«

The Theater of Oklahoma comes to Munich! Attracted by sumless stories and myths about the cosmopolitan and warmhearted city, the O-Team tries to trace this splendid phrase. Thereby they follow a magic symbol, which becomes manifest in the town: the mystical “Pimmöse”. The artists stay for several weeks in different districts. They transform public space, streets and complete quarters to their stage and at the same time to their home. Theater is life – and the city is theater!

The „Magical Mystery Tour“ was a research-project. O-Team traveled with two vans through Munich, slept at another spot every night and reviewed of the town searching for prospective members of the Oklahoma-Theater.

Stops of the tour on Google Maps

Idea & concept: O-Team – Antonia Beermann, Folkert Dücker, Samuel Hof, Nina Malotta, Julia Wallner
production management: Katja Kettner, PR: Kathrin Schäfer Kultur PR, graphic/internet: Markus Niessner

08.-28. September 2013, München

First part of the two-year project “PATHOS PARADIES” by O-Team and pathos Munich sponsored by the Federal Cultural Foundation.