by Prem Kavi

There is a hole in the ground of the former junkyard, next to Wagenhalle in Stuttgart. The reason for this excavation remains unclear. Is it a archaeological site, a tunnel construction site, are there treasure hunters at work? Suddenly, Jimmy Page appears, starting to play the hypnotic riff from “Kashmir” and things are starting to move. A director tries to capture the “ultimate reality” on video, an archeologist appears intending to recover rare cultural treasures, the drug mafia becomes nervous and then a mineral water lode gets pierced.
Kashmir is a mixture of land art performance, open-air summer theater and rock opera by O-Team with arte moloke

Premiere: Juli 2013

with: Monik Hölzl, Folkert Dücker Frank Deesz, Andrej Kritenko, Markus Birkle & Band und TänzerInnen von arte moloke – text: Alexej Schipenko, direction: Samuel Hof, stage: Nina Malotta, costumes: Tine Werner, music: Markus Birkle, video: Pedro Pinto-Wüst, technics: Roman Scheffner, production management/graphic: Markus Niessner

Funded by the City of Stuttgart and the SLandesverband Freier Theater Baden-Württemberg e.V. from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg
kindly supported by Karle Recycling