Pathos Paradise CAMP

An experiment by O-Team and PATHOS Munich together with Sylvia Sobottka, Tobias Bühlmann, Alexander Manuiloff, Achim Scherf, Louis Cleber, Manuel Gerst von Monster Truck, Ferran Dordal Lalueza, NoFutureKomplex and Geheimagentur.

The two-year project “Pathos Paradies” explored the societies imaginary about artists and confronted it to reality. This exploration was focused on the situation in Munich and more specifically on the situation of the former barracks area which is actually being redefined and which is home of the Pathos Munich theater. O-Team, together with the participating teams, literally tested this uncertain future: in the Schwere-Reiter theater, they modeled the future of a heterogeneous unity of art and life, living and working, conjured up in the concepts of a creative quarter for the area.

They approached this site-specific topic by means of a fictional theme: The theater was transformed into a superhero-camp, a retreat where the “heroic artists” could be themselves, but at the same time were confronted with their dark sides and the limits of their abilities. All artists rehearsed, slept, ate, worked and lived together in the theater. PATHOS PARADISE CAMP was thus a project that was primarily meant to help people get to know each other, to network, to exchange ideas, and to encourage exchange between some interesting artists with the residents of the area and the city of Munich. At the end of the 12-day experiment, there were two public performances.

September 2015, Schwere Reiter, Munich

artistic direction: Antonia Beerman, Folkert Dücker, Nina Malotta, Samuel Hof

Production managment: Katja Kettner, Christine Elbel; PR: Kathrin Schäfer Kultur PR; Graphics/Internet: Markus Niessner

A co-production of O-Team and PATHOS München funded by Doppelpass – Theatre Cooperation Fund by the Federal Cultural Foundation.