Raumpatrouille 433 (Space Patrol 433)

Space Opera by and with John Cage

We need not destroy the past: it is gone;
at any moment, it might appear and seem to be and be the present.
Would it be a repetition?
Only if we thought we owned it, but since we don´t, it is free
and so we are. (John Cage, Lecture on nothing)

The piece is based on John Cage’s conceptual work 4’33 ”, a score for one or more musicians who do not play for a period of 4 minutes and 33 seconds (in 3 acts). The musical performance Space Patrol 433 confronts in an essayist way the transience of human memory as well as of the art form theater with Big Data, the dubious myth of digital data storage as a comprehensive memory of humanity.

Out of nothing a space ship materializes on the empty stage carrying strange beings on board. Led by the digital John-Dietrich-Avatar they cross space and time and experience exciting adventures. One of these we will observe on stage. What the plan is behind these journeys, what the John-Dietrich Avatar seeks and wants or whether perhaps he does not seek and want anything remains unclear. Even the crew does not know, but it has some ideas. Perhaps it is an interstellar aleatory art project?

Their search for clues results in a musical investigation of the theater space with the help of highly individualized technology. Interrupted by commercials for digital immortality (because of budget problems ad-supported freeware and demo software was used to create the avatar), a performative meditation on (digital) memory, noise and nothing unfolds.

Log your day!
Everyday! (Sony)

Premiere: November 2016 at Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

Nina Malotta, Samuel Hof, Pedro W. Pinto, Folkert Dücker, Markus Birkle, Nils Meisel, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Markus Niessner, Antonia Beermann

Raumpatrouille 433 is a production by O-Team in cooperation with Theater Rampe funded by the city of Stuttgart.