The last Suppe

an interactive installation

With THE LAST SOUP, O-Team is dealing with the catchphrase “German Angst”. The audience is invited to prepare itselve for the impending disaster, and to take a deep breath before things might get serious. Here, Hamlet’s probably most famous last sentence “The rest is silence” marks no end, but the beginning. For the ultimate silence will probably only be possible once there are no more humans.

After an introductory speech about the idea of the apocalypse and social stasis, after a strange encounter with a homeless man in the underground car park, after security check, instruction and disclaimer, the guests sit on a long table with a plate of soup. Speaking is not permitted. On six screens, live news channels are displayed without sound. On another monitor live surveillance images from the corridors of the theater can be seen. The instructions of the personal are to be followed at all times. In the event of an infringement, the performance will be terminated.

Caution, the project is under video surveillance!
The instructions of the personal are to be followed at all times!

March 2017 Theater Konstanz
Nov 2019 „The Last Zuppa“ Altofest, Matera (Italy)

Samuel Hof, Nina Malotta, Antonia Beermann
Johanna Link, Odo Jergitsch, Miriam Dold, Lucia Wunsch, Elena Bulochnikova

A production by O-Team with Theater Konstanz

photographs: Bjørn Jansen