Crash & Care

Come, sweet death, come, blessed rest!
Come lead me to peace
because I am weary of the world,
O come! I wait for you,
come soon and lead me,
close my eyes.
Come, blessed rest!

Crash & Care is a site-specific live audio performance. The project was developed by O-Team together with the puppet player and director Florian Feisel. The visitors support the narrator – a fictional crash test dummie engineer – on his journey of no return. 

September 2020, Theater Aalen

performance: Folkert Dücker
direction: Florian Feisel
stage & costumes: Samuel Hof
dramaturg: Jonathan Giele
technics: Robin Burkhardt
music: Barbara Borgir
assistant: Emilien Truche
production management: Isabelle Gatterburg

Crash & Care is a coproduction of O-Team, Theater der Stadt Aalen und HochX Theater und Live Art. Funded by Fonds Doppelpass der Kulturstiftung des  Bundes and the city of Stuttgart.