Premiere: September 2021, HochX, Munich

With Hibernation, O-Team developed a performance at the junction between machine performance, object theater, live concert and visual poem.

The term “hibernation” refers to an in-between: the idle state of computers, the artificial coma in humans, or animals trying to survive a cold winter by doing as few as possible. Something is slumbering beneath the sterile surface of things. Not alive, not dead. In limbo. Gently covered by what was left behind. From something that has fallen off.

With “Hibernation”, O-Team traces our relationship to cleanliness and pollution, to care and disposal, to technology and left-overs. A wide variety of creatures meet on stage in a poetic series of images: a lonely moving light sets off in search of life. Two garbage workers run out – or away. And a pack of cleaning robots brings the world back into (dis)order. And springtails and woodlice ensure our future.

directors / stage designers: Nina Malotta, Samuel Hof
dramaturgy: Antonia Beermann
music: Michael Fiedler
performers: Antje Töpfer & Folkert Dücker
technics: Robin Burkhardt
video: Pedro Pinto
production: Isabelle Gatterburg, Simon Kubat

September 2021 Hoch X München
December 2021 Theater Rampe, Stuttgart
March 2022 Theater der Stadt Aalen
Juni 2022, Hauptsache frei, Kampnagel, Hamburg
October 2022 Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart
November 2022, Kampala International Theatre Festival, Uganda
September 2023, LOFFT, Leipzig


HIBERNATION is a project by O-Team in coproduction Theater der Stadt Aalen and HochX Theater und Live Art. Funded by Fonds Doppelpass der Kulturstiftung des  Bundes, the city of Stuttgart and Landesverband freier Tanz- und Theaterschaffender Baden-Württemberg e.V. with the budget of the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts in Baden-Württemberg