by O-Team feat. Lonzdale´s Fantasy

„An opera is a dramatic theatre piece with music. And that´s what we do.“
– right after the Japan tour, on the way to Mexico with exclusive material and lost diary entries –

Without prior knowledge and without actually wanting to approach it, let’s try another genre – the Opera. This serves us rather as an inflated framing, to attract attention and to generate followers than really approaching it musically. Developed as a semi-documentary self-experiment and fake theatrical piece of O-Team and the electro-punk-post-post-combat-pop band “Lonzdale`s Fantasy” from Porto, a constantly changing work-in process project evolves about the challenges of being an artist.

„Does #fake rhyme with #mistake in German?“

Each work phase ends with a completely serious and hopefully great show in front of as much audience as possible, to which we present ourselves very honestly and personally and show our mostly funny, sometimes painfully embarrassing self-experiments as well as our excellent performance qualities, which have matured over many years.

„We could also say that it is much better than a Samuel Beckett play. Objectivly.“

Formed by Nils Meisel (banjo, electronics) and Kenneth Stitt (voice, performance) in 2018, the duo Lonzadle´s Fantasy kicks between hip-hop and punk pugilism with lyrical surrealism. Over a rudimentary rhythmic base, Kenneth Stitt unleashes combative vocalizations and frantic dances in performances that carry danger and provocation. It’s a hostile sound, of liberating viscerality, a cathartic space where Lonzdale’s Fantasy can breathe, ruminate and take refuge from the rottenness of the world.

Kenneth Stitt, Nina Malotta, Nils Meisel, Samuel Hof, Pedro Pinto, Nele Tiidelepp
Production: Isabelle Gatterburg, Lisa Beck

Kunstverein Wagenhalle Stuttgart, 28.10.2022
Festival In Ligna D`Aria, Aliano, Matera, Italien, Dezember 2021
Stadtkultur am Mercedes Benz-Museum, Stuttgart, August 2021

F.A.K.E is a project of O-Team in cooperation with Lonzdale´s Fantasy.
Funded by the city of Stuttgart and Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019