Der Krieger erwacht (The warrior awakens)

A play based on motifs from Frank Herbert’s “Dune – The Desert Planet”

With his parable “Dune,” published between 1965 and 1985, Frank Herbert makes the utopian claim of being able to solve the political problems of the 20th century in a major all-round attack. The plot, rich in allusions to the history of philosophy and religion, refers to a series of unsolved problems at the time it was written: from the fight for oil and water, to socio-political and ethnic questions, to questions of the theory of science – Frank Herbert thinks systemically and formulates his political issues on an overarching macro level. The danger of humanity’s self-extinction through environmental destruction, war and fanaticism, which runs as an overarching theme through Herbert’s story, has again come to the forefront of our society’s consciousness today. And awareness of the crisis paves the way for charismatic leaders.

November 2010 in the Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

With: David Berger, Folkert Dücker, Monika Hölzl, Barbara von Münchhausen, Sebastian Schäfer

Director: Samuel Hof, text: Jonas Zipf, music: Paul Frick; Stage design: Jelena Nagorni, production: Markus Nießner / Julia Huber, sound/video: Pedro Pinto, assistant director: Madlen Wüst, assistant set design: Nina Malotta