after Philipp K. Dick

Betaville: the metropolis of the future, a juggernaut of traffic routes piled one on top of the other, a thicket of rusting steel structures, a jungle of Asian noodle makers and American newsboys. Who does not know her? The dystopian view of the mega-city from Ridley Scott and Philipp K. Dick’s “Blade Runner”. This city is a space where boundaries are drawn: between the airy above and the dirty below, between a somewhat secure interior and a life-threatening exterior, between emotional people and cold-feeling androids.

With Betaville, the theater collective O-Team transfers the plot of “Blade Runner” into the roof of a prefabricated building in Berlin. They follow up on their Solaris edit from 2005 and turn off the lights. The spectators are led by blind admitters into the complete darkness of a room whose floor plan they do not know. The text is presented to them as a haptic live radio play.

April 2011 in an attic on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
Resumption at the Theaterhaus Jena
a co-production between O-Team and the Theaterhaus Jena
with the kind support of the Association for the Promotion of Art and Culture at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V.

With Elena Garcia Gerlach, Steffen Klewar and Mathias Znidarec

Text & direction: Jonas Zipf
Music: Lenard Gimpel
Space: Samuel Hof